"Quality is always the Highest Priority" 

Neil R. Jetter, Reg. Patent Attorney 

JETTER & Associates, PA

Patent prosecution and Client counseling.

Jetter & Associates, PA provides consistently the highest quality patent-related services for its clients because of:

  1. Neil Jetter’s rare multi-disciplinary technical education (both chemistry/material science and electrical engineering);
  2. 17 years of highly relevant patent experience, and
  3. Close supervision and active handling of all substantive work product entrusted to Jetter & Associates

Jetter & Associates is a low overhead provider because it does not include costs for expensive office space nor costs for the subsidizing of Attorneys that essentially do not contribute to the work product generated. The low overhead at Jetter & Associates is reflected in the current billable rates that is about 30% less than for competent patent practitioners with comparable relevant patent experience at a typical law firm, and low fixed fees for patent services for its established clients.

For fixed fee clients, the low billing rates provide significant benefits for our clients by allowing more time to be included for each case, instead of rushed work product which is the norm at typical  law firms. We never  mark up any of our out-of-pocket costs, "junk" fees including telephone, print/copy charges, postage, telefax, etc., or charge for forwarding documents received during patent prosecution.

Jetter & Associates also utilizes a state-of-the-art docketing system (FOUNDATIONIP™), as well as software for antecedent basis checking of claims (LEXISNEXIS PATENTOPTIMIZER™) and software that evaluates Examiners' characteristics for each US case (LEXISNEXIS PATENTADVISOR™).

Jetter & Associates, P.A.
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